Tru-flex is manufactured in Australia under licence from America by Dulux Pty Ltd. As you may be aware Dulux Pty Ltd is owned by ICI Australia Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s largest companies. Dulux also offer a six year warranty on the Tru-flex surface as well as the warranty offered by Recreational Surfacing Pty Ltd. Tru-flex is probably the finest recreational acrylic surface available in the world today.

Recreational Surfacing Pty Ltd has been using Tru-flex for the past 22 years. Tru-flex is 100% sand filled acrylic emulsion that has surfaced over 5500 sporting venues throughout Australia over the years. The product is totally non slip in wet or dry conditions, has duller colour pigmentation for lower eye fatigue and utilises a specially rounded silica sand that gives a surface that does not unnecessarily abrade shoes. Specially reinforced colour pigments give the surface a sharp colour that will not fade under the severe ultra violet rays of the sun.

Tru-flex® Cushion Coat is a high-performance coating consisting of encapsulated rubber particles and fillers, carefully blended with 100% acrylic emulsion to create a shock-absorbing type of color surface when used as part of the Tru-flex® system. It has a uniform texture and adds resilience to asphalt and concrete court surfaces.

  • Dries rapidly and allows moisture vapor to pass through the dried film
  • Provides a uniform and controlled texture
  • Use over painted or unpainted asphalt and concrete tennis court surfaces and other play areas
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